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Everest Erosion offers consulting, planning, and project management services for soil erosion and ecosystem repair and damage prevention.

He can do feasibility studies, permit applications, drawings and designs, and project management. 

He has experience preparing progress reports, doing cost analysis, and producing site handbooks. 

For a free consultation complete the contact form below or phone him at: 1-604-803-8256

  • Rehabilitation and protection of fragile environs

  • Remedy of small bank failures, and stabilization of slopes

  • Soil instability and creek management in new build preparation

  • Steep terrain infrastructure challenges, and landslide hazards

  • Coastal building site challenges

  • Stream channel erosion restoration

  • Environmental site restoration

  • Restoration of landslides and unstable slopes

Kalyan Thapa with wattle fencing
after installtion2.jpg
Road embankment protection using Bio-engineering measures on Mugling-Narayanghat Road..jpg


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Fog and Nature
Winning is important to me, but what brings me real joy is the experience of being fully engaged in whatever I'm doing"

- Phil Jackson

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