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Kalyan Thapa is the founder and owner of Everest Erosion in British Columbia, Canada. He works with a talented team of landscapers and soil bioengineers who are dedicated to the principles of sustainable land use, committed to working with indigenous peoples, and passionate about restoring earth’s fragile ecosystems.


Soil bio-engineering is the use of living plant material to resolve shallow soil instability and slope erosion problems.

It is usually used in combination with civil engineering structures.


Bio-engineering offers the engineer a new set of tools with which to reach more effective, more sustainable, and more affordable solutions to the  challenges that water and moisture pose in conjunction with surface soil instability and steep bank geography.

Live, cut plant material are used to form wattle fences, live pole drainage systems and other soil stabilization devices. These live materials sprout and take root and form living structures that provide stability to soil and plant life, prevent erosion, promote healthy drainage, and support ecological restoration.

National park

We provide consultation, design and implementation of sustainable  slope stabilization solutions.  Utilizing native live plant material combined with modern civil engineering techniques we create affordable, long-term and earth-friendly steep bank stability repairs and erosion prevention, using pure bioengineering applications.

Our clients are local government organizations, private and commercial clients, NGO’s and the construction industry. We are located in beautiful British Columbia, but have consulted and managed projects in steep and challenging terrains like India, Nepal, East Timor, East Africa, DPR Korea and Vietnam.

We have compiled guides and project handbooks based on over two decades of experience in managing biotechnical slope stabilization programs for soil restoration and erosion prevention, using the principles of sustainable land use to restore natural ecosystems, and made them available for you to read or download.


"I have known Kalyan Thapa through my work in Nepal over the last four decades and found him to be hard-working and dedicated to his profession. More recently, I had the opportunity to work with Kalyan in Uganda where we examined low-cost and sustainable techniques of slope protection along some of the country's hill roads. Kalyan engaged closely with members of the roads department to ensure our approach was full-inclusive of engineering and land use needs. He developed a bio-engineering trial using local resources and contributed to the production of slope management guidelines for wider application of the techniques.

Dr. Gareth Hearn

Hearn Geoserve Ltd.

Fog and Nature
The Earth is not just our environment. We are the Earth and the Earth is us.  We have always been one with the Earth.

- Thich Nhat Hanh


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